Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Five Minute October: Hope


Hope is one of those words I hear a lot in this house. "I hope I can...," or "I hope we go to..." or even "I hope Santa will bring..."

I like hearing "I hope." It means there's a belief in the future.  I love hearing, "I hope when I die, I get to see you in heaven." It means I'm raising my child up to believe there is more to life than what is of this world.

A friend of mine often writes when times are a struggle, "Hoping on, hoping ever," as a reminder that God is bigger than us, and our hope is in Him.  Right now, in this world, there is so much devastation and despair. Hope seems like something almost frivolous.  But I think now is when we need hope the most.  We need love and kindness and good neighbors, but I think without hope, none of these matter.   1 Corinthians 13 is usually referred to as "The Love Chapter" of St. Paul's writings and focuses on how empty life is without love.  Yes, without love, everything rings false, but often overlooked are the words "Love hopes all things."   Love needs hope, or else it can't bear or endure "all things."

Hoping on.  Hoping ever.

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