Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Five Minute October: Create


After my college experiences, I'm convinced that it doesn't matter what you do after college, you will find some practical application of what you've learned.

For a long time, three semesters of dialect classes were the foundation for an ability to hold an intelligent conversation with speech therapists.  Two of costuming came in handy when making Halloween costumes, Saint Day garb, or even fashioning a flamenco frock for a school project.

Damien is my costume king.  Some days, he is decked out as one character; other days, he's SuperPirate BatChef.  I've never seen somebody so excited to see Amazon bring a pack of "chemo caps." He wanted an official Aladdin turban, but the wardrobe department's budget didn't extend quite that far.  I found a pack of ten hats for a third of the price of a costume turban, and figured he'd just have to bejewel the cream-colored one to be Aladdin.  When they arrived, he grabbed a blue one, ran upstairs to ransack his brother's dresser, and then came back down dressed as the Genie.

The other day, my little Ghostbuster got busted trying to wander off with my vacuum parts to use as a ghost trap.  When I suggested he make his trap of some things we didn't need, he rummaged through the recycling and the craft shelf, and brought me a ruler, a juice jug, and some yarn.  He then proceeded to tell me how we could build one.

Four years of college tuition, including a mandatory semester of set and prop design distilled down into braiding the yarn so that it would be stronger when he flung the bottle to catch the ghosts.  He told me I was a genius. I said that I had my moments that make me worth keeping around, and he responded, "Yeah...and you're tall enough to reach the chocolate."

That's my kid. Creating ways to keep Mama humble.

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