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Thank you for visiting Adventures with Jude.  I'm Meg, mom of 5, all with special needs.  Four are homeschooled, and in 2016,  our first homeschooler graduated from 12th grade.  We enjoy product reviews of a variety of things - homeschool and supplementary curricula, books, and household helps.
This is my personal blog.  While my son does write the Luke's American Adventures series,  I am the Momma,  which means I am the Editor-in-Chief and all posts are ultimately approved by me.   We all decide together what products to review,  especially if the children's input is required. I receive products for review in exchange for my honest opinion of the products, and describe how they work (or do not work) in our home.   I will always be respectful of a vendor's product, but if it doesn't work for us, I will share this  I try to write from the perspective of "If I was paying for this, what would I want to know?"  Questions I try to answer in a product review post include (but are not limited to): 

  • What would I have wanted to know before I purchased this? 
  • What would I have been happy (or unhappy) with once I had purchased and started using it, and would I have felt I got a good value, or would I have felt annoyed that I had wasted money?  
  • How does this work with a special needs student? Does it work "as is" for our needs, or does it need adjusting? Are the adjustments minor or significant, and do they fundamentally change the program?
 While I do not receive monetary compensation for reviews, I do accept and keep the products that were reviewed.  Programs we really love often continue to be used in our homeschool, and/or the next levels purchased for other students.  

I  am an independent stylist for Lilla Rose.  All links for any Lilla Rose products go to my consultant page,  I receive a commission for any product that is purchased through this link. I also am an affiliate for several curriculum-related programs.  I will only recommend programs that I have used in the past/currently use and feel they are a valuable addition to a homeschool program.  Links to all the companies I am an affiliate for can be found at the top of my Friends and Affiliates page. Additional links to these products and companies may be included in contextual post settings as well.  Please note: ALL sponsored links will be HTML coded as "no-follow" links.


This blog accepts products for review and/or giveaway. 
Adventures with Jude abides by word of mouth marketing standards. I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.  All sponsored and/or review posts are labeled as such, and only honest opinions on content and value will be given regardless of the monetary value of the product.  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine and/or my family's.

I do have a "subscribe by email" option for those who wish to have new posts appear in their inbox.  I do not share, sell, or otherwise distribute subscriber emails.  I get enough spam myself and have no desire to create any for my readers. 
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