Thursday, October 5, 2017

Five Minute October: Trust

For a long time (ok, practically his entire life) every time a cat comes within a two-foot radius of Jude, he has jumped and curled in on himself.  A few weeks ago, he suddenly decided he wanted them to sit on his lap.  I told him he was probably going to have to earn their trust -- they were used to him jumping so they might come near him, but they might not come to him.

At first, it took a gargantuan effort for him not to move when they came near.  He would start to flinch, and then remember he wanted them to come to him. Slowly, they came close when he was sitting next to me.  Finally, Annie parked herself in my lap but fell asleep on his knee.

One day, she wanted to sit in my lap, but it was already full of science book, so I gently scooted her towards him, and there she stayed.

He was so excited that she finally trusted him enough to sit with him.  I was impressed that he trusted her -- he's fearful her her scratching him.

Now, it's not uncommon to see the two of them together.

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