Thursday, September 28, 2017

WorthyKids/Ideals: The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls (Homeschool Review Crew)

For a long time, I despaired of Jude ever reading.  How times have changed! Now, I'm struggling to keep him in books.  Thankfully, he enjoys re-reading favorites, but new books are always appreciated.  We recently received two books from The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls, a new series from WorthyKids/Ideals

Originally, I intended for Jude to read these during the day (we have a "30 minute reading" rule), but one night when he called me into his room and claimed he wasn't tired, I handed him The Beginning. When I told him it was the first in a series and I already he had the second, his immediate response was, "Did you bring it upstairs, too?", because I kinda wanted you to go to sleep at some point tonight...but he finally convinced me to get it for him.  I left Race to the Ark on his night table for "just in case," as he started in on the first book.  I came back a little later, and he was almost ready for the second.

I'm not surprised that he finished them both that night.  Or that he's already trying to guess what story the third book will be about.  What I am kind of surprised about is that he agreed to write a few paragraphs and tell you about the books.

Jude says:

Peter, Mary, and Hank time traveled to the beginning of the Earth, then they went to the time of the Ark. They used the magic scrolls to time travel.  They met the angel Michael. He told them that they had seven days to translate the message or they will be stuck there forever. When they had translated the message, the red wax seal on the scroll turned into a gold medallion with the same marking as the red wax seal. 

In the first book, the message was, "God created everything." The gang learned it from the big voice. Every time the big voice spoke, something appeared. They realized the big voice was God.

The second book took them to the time of the Ark. They met Noah there. He tried to make people turn away from God. That was why God had sent the Flood. he killed all people except for Noah and his family because they were loyal to God. The message on the scroll was,"Trust God. He will rescue you." The Dark Ruler was Satan the Devil. 
I liked reading both books. Time travel stories are my favorite books. I like to read about people from the Past.  These books helped me learn about the Bible. The words are easy and the pictures are great. I hope there are more soon. 

Mom again.  One of the things Jude noticed was the back cover says the books are for kids in first to third grades.  (A quick peek of the copyright page shows that Book 1 has a Lexile level of 510L, while Book 2 is 560L.)  At first, he was a little insulted that I'd give him a book for a first grader, when he's in fifth grade, thank you very much.  I pointed out to him that it wasn't a "school" book - just a reading book - and sometimes it's nice to read "easier" books just because they are easier.  I said hard books are good for a brain challenge but easy books are good for brain fun. He liked that idea.  While younger readers might need a little help, I think these are written well enough that the age on cover really doesn't apply to older kids.  Damien is eyeing them...I think we may have to set up a library-style check-out schedule for these!

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