Monday, July 22, 2013

Slowly Getting Organized

 I haven't checked in at Goal Planning Monday for a little over a month.  It's been such a slow progress, that there hasn't been much to share.  I'm getting there bit by bit, though.

My last goals were to:

 1. Find some way to be organized on paper.  Well, I'm not totally there yet.  At the least, I've figured out what is NOT working for me! 

 2.  Figure out what courses Luke wants/needs beyond the cores, and get curriculum chosen for Luke.  Pretty much done.

 - Literature/US History - we've started with Notgrass' America The Beautiful as our base, and added on the Time Travelers Series from Homeschool in the Woods and the brand-new 12-14  Literature & Social Studies from Moving Beyond the Page.  I also found out that US History is a 2-year course in public school, so that's a relief (I was wondering how on earth we were going to cram it all in!).

-Faith Formation - We're using the Didichae Online Series from My Catholic Faith Delivered.

-Chemistry - Science for High School. He started it for a Crew Review and we're just going to keep on trucking!

3.  Figure out a timetable for courses.  As organized as can be.  Those courses above are for "this" semester, and then when he's done chemistry he'll start Geometry.  He has some other courses to fill in - foreign language, etc. - that we'll just fill in.  He wants to get his feet under him with some classes and then add more in September or October, rather than trying to juggle everything at once. We sort of have Junior and Senior years organized - or at least slotted so we don't miss anything.

4.  Reorganize my blog notes.  Work in progress. Not as done as I'd like to be, but I don't feel like I'm playing catch-up all the time.

5.  Sort Jude's work from the past year and assemble a portfolio to take with us to show his developmental specialist next week. That appointment went well.  She was very happy with his progress this year.  Definitely a good thing!

6.  Plan out Jude's studies for next year, at least to where if I need to order something for Luke, I can see if I need something that can come on the same shipping charge.  Yeah, well, that was the plan, but that darned Murphy! I ordered some Moving Beyond the Page stuff to share between him and Damien (Jude will do the workbooks, but the books are on a good trajectory for Damien) but I had to order it separately from Luke's in order to get the discount. I did combine phone calls for the Faith Formation classes, and discussed the grade school program when I talked to the company rep about Luke's.   I signed up all four big kids, and Celia and Matthew started today. 

7.  Get Luke's transcript from his current school, and get it scanned into the computer.  Also write letters of intent to send to our local district for Jude and Luke.  Not done.  I keep forgetting to call...I need to write myself a note.

8.  Plan out some day/field trips for the summer for all the kids.  I haven't  gotten beyond "planning." It's been either to wet, too hot, or too busy.

9.  Clean out my laptop of any downloaded samples I no longer need, copies of pictures that are on the external hard drive, etc. and free up some memory so I can download curriculum.   Well, it was done.  Then I bough more stuff!!  I did get files organized, so I can find things I need.

10.  Reflect on this school year, and enjoy the last few days before starting over.   I did get to do this - I made a Yearbook for a Crew Review, and it was fun to go through all the pictures and posts from last year.

I don't have anything major planned for the next couple weeks.  The smaller stuff:

1.  GET LUKE'S TRANSCRIPT.  I need to do this before the end of July so I don't have to hunt it down through the Diocese. I just need my brain to remember that I need to call when it's 10 in the morning, not at 10 at night!

2. Get school supplies.  Both the school kids and the homeschool kids need crayons, notebooks, etc. I should do that sooner than later - last year I waited too long and it was hard to find things.

3. Get curriculum sorted, and things put away.  This may or may not happen in the next week - our basement-into-schoolroom renovation is nearly done, but the floor needs to be resealed.  Hopefully it will be done by next weekend, but if not, we'll just live out of boxes for another week.

4. Get some lesson plans set up, at least for Luke, so he can work more independently and not be waiting on me to print things and give him direction.  Also then I can better schedule his blog posts (instead of writing lots of papers, he's exploring different styles of writing with his own feature, Luke's American Adventures) so they get better exposure.

Sharing our plans with:

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  1. Sounds like a lot to get done! Hope you complete all you need!! Sounds like some awesome learning coming up and already happening to finish out the year!

  2. Well, I just learned something new--I had NO idea that U.S. history was studied for two years in public school. I think most history programs move far too fast, at least if you want to do more than just read a texbook.

    And I have exactly nine days to get my affidavit filed with the school district for next year--great reminder!

  3. Wow! I need a nap just thinking about all of that! I like how you are merging different history programs together--what a great way to get a good feel for it all. Thank you for linking up with my curriculum post!


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