Monday, July 22, 2013

Set Sail for Adventures

Today was a joint craft project for everyone. Officially, it was Luke's, since he's learning about the types of ships explorers used.  Technically, everyone had a hand in on the fun!  Here's how you can build your own pseudo-caravel. You can make your own coat of arms and flag if you like, but this ship is setting sail for England under the Flag of St. George.


2 large packing boxes
1 roll of kraft paper (or 3 pieces brown construction paper)
1 roll of duct or packing tape
1 dustpan and broom
St. George Cross Template
Red and white card stock, construction paper, or craft foam OR white paper and crayons
Materials to decorate the vessel (markers, stickers, etc.)
1. Gather materials.
2. Rip down one end of both boxes, so that each has three sides. Lay the torn side flat and overlap to make boxes look like one body.  This will be the hull of the ship. Secure together with tape. 

3. Fold all flaps inward except for one short end. This will be the stern of the boat. Use tape to secure folded flaps.
4. Place the broom “mast” in boat and secure to the inside of the stern, or back of the boat; attach the dustpan “rudder” to outside of the stern. Secure both well with tape. 

dustpan rudder

 5. Put boat to the side temporarily.  Following the template as a guide,  create a “St. George’s Cross” flag.  Either color the template (red cross, white field), OR cut the cross out.  Trace it onto the red paper, cut out, and paste onto the white paper. Tape the flag to the top of the broomstick, with the cross facing toward the bow (front) of your boat. 

St. George's Cross

6. Cut out three rectangles of kraft paper and tape to the broomstick beneath the flag. 

7. Decorate as you wish with markers, stickers, etc.

cardboard box caravel ship

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  1. Too cute! We actually made boats and had a boat race to see who built the best boat to withstand the tides! It was hilarious. Placed them in the bathtub and lets just say it didn't go well, my daughter ended up beating both boys!!

    Great Memories that they never get in school :)

  2. What fun! There are just endless possibilities with empty boxes and an imagination!

  3. This looks like so, so much fun--you just convinced me to hold on to a giant diaper box a little bit longer! I love how you can tie it in to so many explorer themes too! Thanks for sharing this at Teach Me Tuesday at Preschool Powol Packets--I'm featuring it at this week's party!

  4. Alma @ A Conquered MessAugust 24, 2013 at 10:42 PM

    Found you on the Saturday Share linky. My boy would love this! He's currently obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean. Pining :)


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