Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ketchup toast

I am loving how independent Jude is getting.  This morning, he made his own breakfast almost completely by himself.   I've mentioned before that  ketchup toast is his favorite breakfast.  The toast is really little more than a vehicle for eating the ketchup -- if it were up to him, he'd eat it from a bowl like soup.  (However, he does NOT like tomato soup.  Of course.)  Lately, he's been able to make his own toast.  Today, he needed help opening the twist tie on the bread bag, and then to reach the ketchup out of the cabinet, but most days, he doesn't even need help with those -- if the big boys have made sandwiches for lunch, the tie is already off and the ketchup is on the counter.  Once he had his mis en place, he was off.  He loves helping to cook, but is especially proud when he can do it "all by himself."  Sometimes it gets a little messy when he wants to help but doesn't want to listen, so I'm hopeful that as he learns, "Listen and you can do it yourself," he will listen more so he can do more things on his own.

How to make ketchup toast.  

 by Jude, age 5
(dictated to and commentary by Mom)


1. Make toast

Place bread in toaster and push lever down to start toasting cycle.

Adjust setting so the dial does not pass two.  (This is the part where sometimes he needs supervision, if he's in a "If two is good, seven is better!" mood. On our toaster, unless it's frozen bread, anything past "between 3 and 4" quickly becomes charcoal.)


 When toast "pops," use center lever to lift bread out of toaster slots. 

Remove bread from toaster.

Return all levers to original positions.  It's an optional step, because restarting the toaster will reset it, but for Mr. OCD...they go back.

2. Add ketchup

Apply ketchup to each piece of bread.

Put pieces of bread together into a sandwich and gently squish to ensure equal and relatively even ketchup distribution across the toasted surface.

Open sandwich to check for ketchup coverage. Add more, if desired, and repeat "The Squish."

3. Eat!


Sharing our breakfast today with others!

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