Monday, February 6, 2012

Right or correct?

Today's lessons included cutting out pictures of various objects, and then sorting them into groups of "In the Air" or "Under the Sea."  I love listening to Jude's thought process...

Our first real hurdle was a clam.  He identified it as a pie.  I said, "No, it's not a pie, it's a clam, like on Spongebob. Remember the Mother Clam that lost her pearl?"  That made sense to him.  I then asked him where did the clam live?  He said, "In his home."  (Yes, for all of you Bill Engvall's your sign...)  He eventually determined the clam belonged in the sea.

Then there were other fish and an airplane, a dolphin and a butterfly, a starfish and a bumblebee.  All were quickly glued to their proper columns.  Along came a kite, and he said, "But it doesn't fly by itself. It needs wind, and there's no wind."  We finally agreed that the little cloud in the corner was "a windy cloud," so he glued the kite up there.  He then reminded me that if the dog's kite gets stuck in the apple tree, we were going to have to get the dog another donut.  (If You Give a Dog a Donut has become his new favorite book. No matter what we read at storytime, we always have to end with him "reading" it first, and then me reading it to him.)

One of the last pictures was of a bird.  When he first picked it up, he told me that birds lived in trees.  He described how the mommy bird (the one in the picture)  brings food to the baby birds.  He told me she brings it back to the nest in the treehouse. Which then led to a discussion about how we lived in the Treehouses at Disney World, and he wanted to go back on vacation to stay there again. After a meandering discussion about Disney characters that eventually led to the birds help the mice make Cinderella's dress, we finally got back to the bird waiting to be glued on.

He looked at the column of things that flew.
He looked at the column of things that swam.
Then he looked at me:

"Mommy ... birdies do BOTH!!  I don't know where to put it."

Before we started our schoolwork, he was mesmerized by the turkeys flying in our back yard.   Every time we go by the lake here in town, he points out the ducks and geese IN the water, and tells me how they dive under water and get fish to eat.  He has a perfectly valid point.  They do live in both places.

So we decided to glue the bird in the middle, where he can be with the fish and the flyers.  I'm sure that's not the "correct" answer, but to him, it's the "right" answer.  It works for me, too.

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