Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I wish the state would mandate naptime for me.

Today was not a great day.

Usually Jude has been ready to start his work around 9. Today, he preferred to hang out in the shower. Not a major issue (hey, the whole point is to be flexible) but by the time we got going it as a good hour "late."

I also think the "no nap" thing has caught up to him. He has been trying to give up his afternoon nap, and does fairly well until dinnertime. But by then, he just can't hold on any longer and either is miserable until bedtime, or flat out falls asleep by 6:30. Yesterday was a rough evening, and today just spilled over.

Today, he learned a fundamental difference between being homeschooled vs. regular school. He is the only student. If he doesn't want to do tasks in the order I have planned, it's not a big deal to switch the order. If he would rather paint a picture that use crayons, that's ok by me because the point is to just work on the eye/hand coordination. But even still, there is work to be done, and that part is not up for debate.

When you are the only student, the teacher can wait you out. When the teacher is somebody else, she is generally sweet and cajoling, because she doesn't want 17 other kids running amok. When mom is the teacher, she can give you the choice between your work or your bed. When you actively choose neither, she can choose "bed" for you. She can also pick you up and carry you there when you suddenly have the bone structure of gelatin.

When we got upstairs, I offered him the option of a story in his bed. He rolled over, so I took that as a no. I was surprised that the only real fight he put up was to say "I don't like you and you can't be my best friend anymore," as I tucked him in.

An hour and a half later, I heard his feet hit the floor. He popped into the hall and announced, "I'm ready to do my work now." He came downstairs, finished his craft, read two stories, and ate lunch. (I offered him lunch first, but since it came with a side of "No iPad until your work is done," he opted to finish his lessons.) Oh, and he told me I was his best friend again.

I have a feeling around 1:00 or so tomorrow, I will be re-relegated to not-best-friend status, and be replaced by his pillow...

 Stubborn, TIRED little man, pretending that Mom is not there doesn't make her disappear.

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