Thursday, October 12, 2017

Five Minute October: Write


I'm going to admit I've written this in advance.  I've taken this week off from blogging to celebrate my anniversary, but I wanted to participate, so I'm writing ahead a little.

Writing is something I've always loved. I may have hated the research part of a paper, but writing it was something that I never really minded.  Writing a blog seemed like a good outlet for me.  Sometimes, I find it as hard as those research papers. Do I have a topic to focus on? Do I have something to say? I sometimes feel like I'm just writing for the sake of writing, without a purpose.

I want to make writing a focus again.  Something I'm learning is that I don't have to work "in real time."  I'm hoping to clear out a backlog of stories that need writing down.  I have photos and stories I want to share, but just haven't gotten that far, or figured "They were so long ago, why bother?"

Celia's violin teacher holds a contest each spring - who can practice the most days in a row.  To count as an "official" practice, it needs to be only five minutes, because the hardest part usually is just getting started.  Five minutes a day hasn't seemed so hard - often I find myself writing for fifteen or twenty once I get started.  I know that five minutes that turns into an hour isn't going to happen every day, but I think once this month is over, I'm going to set up a "just five minutes" for every other day and see what happens. Maybe I can clear out some of the backlog that's in my head!

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