Friday, June 15, 2018

Five Minute Friday: Restore

Five Minute Friday is a blog party where the writer sets a timer for five minutes and starts writing. Timer done? Post done.  This week's theme: Restore.


If you've been watching this blog, it's no secret that my blogging capacity has dwindled to all but zero in the last months. I've been keeping up with my reviews, but haven't posted anything new since April.  And there wasn't a whole lot posted before that.  I admit it...I was tired.  I was out of ideas. I felt like I was talking to hear myself talk.

Maybe I am.  But I've decided I'm ok with that.

The time off has let me really think about where I want to go with the blog. My go-to sharings stopped because we were so busy doing I didn't have time to record in the moment, and then once I did have time, it seemed too much like "old news" to bother.

The problem is I now have thousands of pictures on my phone, with no stories to go with them.  I have a stack of recipes I've worked out for Celia, but she has to always ask me what they are because they're in my head and not written down.  I was so worried about, "But I don't have a good, Pinterest-worthy picture for the post!"  Honestly, she doesn't care if there is one - she just wants the cake recipe.

I've always wanted my blog to be a chronicle of our adventures. I got so wrapped up in "what you're 'supposed to do' with a blog" that I lost what I wanted to do. With a new homeschooler, we will definitely be having new adventures.  It seems an apropos time to re-boot.

I'm not going to worry about if it's "old news" -- because the memories are still new.   Things might come slowly, but they're coming. I've got a stack of drafts started with notes of things to share. I promise. I'm going to restore this to what I wanted it to be - a way to record what we've done in our homeschool.  Even if it happened a while ago.



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