Saturday, October 14, 2017

Five Minute October: Try


This one is pretty easy.  "Try" was the word I chose for my "Word of the Year" back in January.  My goal was to try new things, or still get started even if I knew finishing was going to be difficult (or not happen at all.)  I can't say that I've tried everything that I've thought "Wow, I'd like to..." because inertia (and fear of looking like an idiot) are hard to overcome, but I have managed one major goal -- I've completed a 5K and am now working on a 10K distance run.

A friend of mine suggested that we celebrate our birthdays by trying as many new things as years old we were turning. They could be as simple as a new ice cream flavor instead of an old favorite,  I have a long way to go until I hit 42 new things, but I have plenty of time.  If nothing else, I've learned that life is not really about making a "bucket list" of things to do "sometime before I die."  It should be about finding experiences to create "I didn't know I wanted to do this, but I'm glad I did" list.

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