Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Five Minute October: Remember


That's an easy one for today.  What I remember is getting married, 20 years ago today.

I remember my maid of honor's mother cornering me as I returned from the hairdresser, handing me a plate of food and a glass of orange juice, and saying "You're not passing out on my watch." I remember my grandmother walking into the church, stopping in the Baptistry to visit and crying as she and my dad reminisced sitting in the waiting room the day I was born.  I remember running a few minutes behind, and as we got ready my best childhood friends came hustling in. (They were always running late, so it brought another smile through the tears.)

I remember walking up the aisle and seeing Neal there, and then walking into the sanctuary.  The ceremony itself has blurred with time, but I remember we had chosen a Scripture reading from Jeremiah, and as his sister began reading, "A reading from the prophet Jeremiah..." Neal whispered "was a bullfrog..." Yes, I struggled to keep a straight face.

Most girls have ideas of their dream wedding.  I had a pretty simple "dream" -- I wasn't picky about almost anything, but I always wanted a wedding picture take in front of the Holy Family statue in front of my grade school.  Thankfully, the weather was perfect, so I got my dream picture.

I remember trying to greet every person during our cocktail hour. After getting me a third glass of wine in the space of twenty minutes, my brother finally appointed himself my wineglass holder. Every time I put it down to take a photo, my glass disappeared onto the tray of a helpful waitress.

I remember dancing with Neal - our song was Billy Joel's "To Make You Feel My Love."  I danced with my father to "Butterfly Kisses" and started to cry yet again when the singer crooned "She'll change her name today," and my father was the first person to call me Mrs. Falciani.

I remember heading to our new home.  Happy and exhausted, I sat in the back of the limo with Neal's jacket and arm around my shoulders.  I couldn't have asked for a better end to a better day, that was really the start of an awesome life.

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