Thursday, August 10, 2017

Cape Cod Beach "Photo Shoot"

My in-laws have a vacation home at the beach, and like to put up pictures of the grandkids.  My mother-in-law has asked me if I'd give her more recent ones, and I always plan to take some but never quite get that far.  This year I realized that the most recent ones are from when Damien was not quite a year old...and he just turned seven.  I figured maybe I better actually get some pictures this summer.

Last week we went to Massachusetts for a few days to visit National Parks.  One of our destinations was Cape Cod National Seashore.   I brought the "good" camera to the beach with us, and we got some pretty good pictures.  I took a few action shots at Race Point Beach, but didn't get any good portraits -- it was just past noon and the sun was far too bright.  We headed back to the Visitor Center for a Ranger Talk, and then moved on to Herring Cove Beach.  Again the light wasn't ideal -- it was late afternoon but just that little bit too early, and most of the portrait-style pictures had squinting kids and harsh shadows.  Most of the "good" pictures were of the kids playing.

We were all amazed how different the sand was here.  It's very pebbly, compared to the soft and fine-grained sand we are used to here in New Jersey.  We did like that it brushes off much more easily!

I did get a couple of good "for-Mimie Pictures," mostly by chance. One is of Damien playing in the sand.

He though this was a great "Winter Summer" beach -- he could use the rocks to make a Sand Man, just like a snow man in winter.

The other was a random "aim and fire off the camera" shot at Luke that worked.

Holy cow, how did he get to look like a real grown up?

After climbing Pilgrim Tower in Provincetown, we headed down to Nauset Light Beach.  It was perfect timing -- in that "golden hour" around sunset.  I took about 300 photos (thank goodness for digital cameras!),  and actually had about 70 turn out well enough to consider editing in Lightroom.  Not too shabby.  We even managed a couple of crazy out-takes, including this one.

 I'll let the grandmothers pick their favorites, but these are some of mine.

Keep an eye out for some of the others...I'll be using them to update our "About Us" and Facebook pages!

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