Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Big Man on Virtual Campus

Luke finally registered for his first college classes!  He graduated high school last June but decided to take a year off so he could work with Neal in the family business and get a little bit of life experience before heading off to college.  Over the winter, he got everything organized to attend Rowan College at Gloucester County.  Provided he maintains a set GPA and takes the required base courses, upon graduating from RCGC,  he is guaranteed admission to the partnering Rowan University to complete the 4-year degree.  My checkbook likes this plan -- RCGC is about a quarter of the cost of Rowan University!

He's looking to major in business administration, with perhaps a minor or concentration in accounting.  He originally had planned to major in accounting but found out that that particular path doesn't easily transfer to Rowan, but the business admin does.  It sounds like a similar trajectory Neal was on when we were in college -- a BBA plan gets you one "big" degree with a lot of learning in specific areas. When Neal added up all of his credits, he was only two or three courses shy of degrees in accounting and statistics, but he opted to just graduate and move on with life rather than staying in school for another year. Luke has plenty of time to decide what he will ultimately do, but for the moment, business admin is the working plan.

Last month, he took the Accuplacer exam. He had opted not to take the SATs because they were transitioning from one model to a new test in the middle of his senior year.  I'm proud of his scores - he did very well and left the minimum scores (the lower scores penciled in by the proctor on the results printout) in the dust!

Homeschooling definitely worked in his favor.  Because of working, he really wanted to keep a part time schedule and take online courses, because they would eliminate travel time and be more flexible to work around the chaos of the fall farm season.  His advisor said usually first semester students need to take at least one or two on-campus classes, but she approved him for all online courses because he had been a homeschooler. Since he had already adapted to working independently without the structure of a classroom, she felt he'd be fine with the lack of campus structure.  (She even recommended a different professor for one course, because the one Luke initially chose preferred online students take exams in person.)  He's going to take Accounting I, Intro to Computer Science, and Statistics.  He had thought to take English Composition, but all of the online-only sections were filled, so he opted for Statistics to fill that gap.

Me...I believe that much math at one time has to be one of Dante's circles, so I'll just pass any questions on to Neal and tell Luke to check back when English opens up again!  (It will be nice to not be the household go-to person, at least for a few months!)  Luke's advisor asked if he was good at Math, and Luke said yes, but he wasn't really fond of Geometry.  She promised him there was none of that on this trajectory, and he said, "Then I declare you my new best friend!"

At a part time speed of three or four classes each semester, it's going to take him a while, but he's in no rush.  He declared, "I'm about as ready for the fall as I can be for now."  He's for Mama pay the tuition bill and to accept her first baby is all grown up!

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