Friday, March 3, 2017

Purpose (five minute friday)

"I didn't do it on purpose."

I've lost count how many times a day I hear that.  Statements include:

  • "I hit him on purpose; I just didn't see him there."  
  • "It was an accident. I didn't spill it on purpose."
  • "I didn't realize it was Friday.  I didn't forget on purpose."
And as frustrated as I get with a kid, I know there are times where I'm not paying attention, and I crash into people.  Or leave something mid-task and never get back to it.  People joke about ADHD, but when you're living with it, it's like your life is often spent doing things "not on purpose."

It's Lent now, and I've been trying to decide what I wanted to give up. (Yes, I probably should have thought about this last week, but hey...I was distracted.) I want to work on being more forgiving, and less frustrated by the "I didn't do it on purpose" moments.  That doesn't mean there's no accountability (for myself, for the kids), but the frustration can be consuming.  I'm tired of feeling like life is a runaway freight train.  I'm tired of always feeling like I'm playing catch up.  Mostly, I'm just tired.

I want to begin to be more mindful. Not obsessive, but less distracted.  To have a goal and find a way to accomplish it, and not hope it all comes together.  To give to others the same grace God grants freely.

On purpose.


Five Minute Friday is a weekly event. Our hostess, Kate chooses a single word to start the free-writing process - this week, it's purpose. It's not about revising your thoughts to perfection, it's about taking 5 minutes to just put it all out there. New writers and readers are always welcome.

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