Monday, June 22, 2015

The Great American History Road Trip Adventure, 2015 Edition

We're going on a field trip.  A REALLY BIG adventure of a field trip -- 24 days, 15 states, and at least 3000 years of history!  Once we get home, I'll share details of the places we've been, but I'm going to try to post the highlights of our days so you can travel with us.  We're going from New Jersey to Texas and back, and meeting some friends along the way.  We're a herd of turtles!

Oh, and don't worry -- anything from a moving car, Luke is photographing.  He's now the official navigator, rest stop boys' room chaperone, glasses exchanger, and motion photographer.

Barely in our second state, and boom! Traffic.  The good news for Jude - now he can read the signs.  He pointed out the cows need practice spelling.

This is Blue Mountain.  It's the eastern ridge of the Appalchian mountains in Pennsylvania.  Last time we came out this way, we went over the mountains.  In the dark, after a long day driving around Gettysburg.  This time, the bears got smarter.  We went through the mountains.

Except through the mountain means tunnels.  I'm not a big fan of tunnels, though.  These weren't too bad.   Less than a quarter mile past the Blue Mountain tunnel is the Kittatiny Mountain Tunnel.  It's just enough time for your eyes to adjust to daylight before you're back inside.  Tuscarora Mountain is further along, within the Appalachian system.

 I'm not certain what mountain this is, but it's impressive.

From atop the mountain.

After we left the PA Turnpike, we continued west on US 30.  It's also known as Lincoln Highway. We drove out this way last year when we went to Flight 93 and Fort Necessity.   This year, Luke was ready with the camera. 

Dividing the middle and the western part of Pennsylvania are the Allegheny Mountains.  They are the western front of the Applachians in Pennsylvania.  They're also pretty steep.

Bald Knob is the 10th highest mountain in PA, and according the the lady at the check-in desk of our hotel, the highest point on US 30 in Pennsylvania.  It's really cool in daylight.  Last year, we went over it in the dark...not so fun.

The Laurel Highlands are known for their wind farms. 

Warning...trucks don't go this way if you can avoid it.  Signs give seven, four, and one-mile warnings of where to detour.

Yeah, so what?  Bring it. We've done it in the dark -- daylight just let us see where to be petrified!

About half an hour from our hotel, Damien couldn't hang on any longer and needed a potty stop.  We pulled into a BK and saw this.

Yep, it's the front end of a plane.  Apparently, this weekend was an airshow at the Arnold Palmer airport in Latrobe, PA.  Judging by the time of day, this guy was headed back to the turnpike and onward.

Check back to see where else we've been!

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