Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yellow Hats and Ponchos - Our Fall Break So Far

Aunt Jo and Uncle Brendan finally came to visit!!

Uncle Brendan has a yellow fedora.  He wore it on the plane here, and then on our first trip  - Longwood Gardens.

Day 2 of our trekking was at Valley Forge.

When it started to rain, Jude weaseled his way into wearing it.

(Jude had his arms tucked into his sleeves so they didn't get wet.)

After Valley Forge, we did some planned shopping, and in our travels found Jude his own fedora.  It's not yellow, though - it's blue, Jude's favorite color.

Jude wore it for the first time when we went to the USS New Jersey, so he could match Uncle Brendan.

Except Uncle Brendan is a Gulf War veteran, and he wore his veteran's hat.  (They still matched, because their hats were blue.)

They've been wearing their "matching" fedoras around Niagara Falls.

Except when we have been trekking around the falls.  Our first tour was to "behind" the falls, where we had yellow ponchos.  The fedoras stayed behind on the tour bus so they didn't get wet.

We'll detail our travels later on when we get home - we're having too much fun to stop and write detailed posts about our visits right now! This week, the fedoras are heading to Cleveland and Gettysburg.  Travel with us on our Facebook page - we're posting pictures and Luke is on "post some fun facts" detail. 

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  1. So fun about the fedoras!! Enjoy the rest of the your travels - especially in my "neck of the woods" - we're near Gettysburg. :-)

  2. If you see a Yellow Fedora wander by...wave!


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