Friday, June 27, 2014

Random 5 - June 27

I keep trying to join up with the Random 5 link-up, but I never realize Friday has happened until Saturday morning.  This time...I remembered in time!

Seeing Wicked with Luke/2012
1.  We're still celebrating Christmas! This weekend we are making good on our IOU for Matthew's big Christmas gift -- tickets to see Wicked on Broadway.  He's wanted to see it since Luke came home from his 8th grade trip singing it, so we're finally going.  It was supposed to be just "One Short Day in the Emerald City" with Matthew, Dad, and Mom, but one of Neal's suppliers gave us Yankees-Red Sox tickets so Luke is going, too.  Mimie (Neal's mom) will be the interim chief ketchup-reacher.  Celia is planning a Monopoly marathon.

2.  This was our first week of homeschooling Matthew.  I know the shiny will eventually wear off, but I'm really impressed with his motivated attitude!  On Monday, he was looking for his work before I was even awake.  Luke and Jude explained the Golden Ground Rule: Don't ask mom for anything before she's had coffee!

3.  Our dishwasher is broken.  Again.  *sigh*  I called for the warranty people to send someone out, and we were scheduled for Saturday with a request for our regular tech, Randy.  (I figure he's already taken it apart and put it back together at least eight times...might as well keep him busy.)   Around 3 pm, a different tech called and said he was on his way to fix our refrigerator.  Refrigerator?  Several phone calls and another day of waiting later, we had a dishwasher tech out.  I had to go to an appointment with Neal, so Mimie came to let him in.  I said to Luke, "Was it Randy?"  He had no idea.  I asked Celia, and she didn't know.  Finally, I went to my ace reporter Jude, "Jude, did Mr. Randy fix the dishwasher?"  "No, but he came to visit and said he'd come back and see me soon."

4. We had an interview with a reporter, and then photographer from the local paper came to visit this week. There's going to be an article about the cost of feeding food allergic children, and we were asked to take part.  I always forget that the costs are so shocking -- by now, my FA friends and I are numb to them.  I thought the reporter was going to have a stroke when she heard what our grocery bill was.
Bravo for Freida
 5.  Did you see my post earlier this week about a Fundraiser I'm hosting?  Freida is an awesome little girl who is trying to raise money for a service dog.  The sale is over, but the fundraiser party is still going, so if you'd like to purchase a Lilla Rose clip for a good cause, then please come over!  (Note: The purchase link is an affilliate link.  Come help a good cause, AND give Luke homework - our business is his microeconomics course!)

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