Friday, March 7, 2014

Random 5 - March 7

1.  WHY do kids always grow at the end of the season?  Instead of a sweater, Jude has been putting a blanket sleeper (with feet) over his clothes.   (We do have the heat on!)  I finally found some in the next size up for him.

2.  Jude, Damien, Luke and I have started a swim class run by our physical therapist. It's supposed to be "parent and tot" but since Luke is almost sixteen, she's letting Luke be the "grownup" for Damien.  He's happy to have it count for PE credit.  So far, nobody's drowned. I'd call it a tentative success.

3.  Frozen has been in heavy rotation here.  I think Damien knows almost all the words to the songs.  If he forgets a few, that's ok...he just waits for a crescendo, dives back in, and belts!  He was grooving to the Idina Menzel-Jimmy Fallon-Roots rendition this week.

You can check out the original here ... Idina is incredible, isn't she?

4.  We're getting to the "end" of the year on subjects.  Luke has already moved on to the next level of Spanish and is a couple of loose ends away from being done Religion for the year.  Jude has moved up a level with Moving Beyond the Page.  We're looking to switch Math programs to Math U See, and it appears he's ready to actually skip Alpha and start with Beta.  This is one of the best parts of homeschooling -- moving on when you're ready, not just when the calendar says.

5.  It looks like by early next week we will be able to go outside and play, at least for a couple of days.  Almost all of the snow on the grass is melted, so by Monday we might be able to play outside and neither freeze nor squish.  Yay!!

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