Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Gift List for Special Needs Children

Ever wonder what kind of toys to get for a child who has special needs?  I always talk to the kids' therapists as birthdays and holidays approach, and discuss with them goals and home program.  While they are very willing to do "therapy" at their sessions, one or two hours a week is not enough to make progress.  They have to work at home, too.  While sometimes there are bigger, more therapy-specific items that are most beneficial for their programs, often we are able to come up with a list of things that look like fun waiting to be opened and help us reach therapy goals.

Topping our list is balls of every size! From a small tennis ball for throwing to to oversized playground balls, and everything in between!  Exercise balls are great, too – they double as chairs and help kids work on strengthening their core, and function as a piece of exercise equipment for the family.  (Most kids love when parents try to do their exercises – most are eager to show you how to do it “just right.”) Foam “Nerf” style balls are good for younger ones, and “stress balls” provide squishy sensory play.  f you can play outside during the winter, a T-ball or basketball set is a great idea.  They help with gross motor movement as well as eye and hand coordination.  (It’s still a great idea, even if you need to wait for warmer weather and spring training!)

Check out the rest of our top 5 toylist at Frugal Homeschool Family!  Head on over, check the list, and finish up your shopping for the perfect gift for the special needs child in your life!

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