Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Month of Gratitude - Day 9 (Bravery)

As I sat today trying to decide what I was most thankful for, Jude saw the vacuum sitting in the living room.  Until recently, when it gets turned on, he runs and hides - the noise overwhelms him.  Over the last few weeks, he started staying out when the floors and couches got vacuumed, but he always runs to another seat when "his" couch is vacuumed.  (He has staked out a corner of one couch as "his," and don't anybody dare try to sit there without permission!)

Tonight, I caught him playing with the vacuum.  When I said I needed it back to finish cleaning the living room, he said HE wanted to do it.


This is my brave little boy.  (Kindly ignore the chocolate beard.  He had just eaten.)

 He even got a little playful!  Watch the toes, buddy!

 When he was done, he figured out how to empty the canister.  
He did need a little help pushing the release button.

Vacuuming is a little thing for most kids, but for Jude, it's huge!  Today, I'm thankful a little boy decided to be brave.

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