Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Month of Gratitude - Day 3 (The Internet)

 I saw Neal post today on Facebook:

"Wanna get the kids attention?  Turn off the Wifi!"

So true.

Today, I'm grateful for the internet.  My top five reasons why: 

1.  Neal and I met via the internet.  So there's a definite plus. 

2.  Most of my other friends live in my computer.  (And phone.) Most of us met via an online food allergy support group.  Some of these ladies have become my best friends, who I can send a Facebook message (we gave up on Twitter long ago -- our sagas need more than 140 characters) and vent, cry, or explode with pride.  Even if we've never met in real live because we live across the country from each other, we are able to be as close as if we were next door neighbors.  (Without all the calories, because we'd do nothing but bake and eat.)

Facebook has made keeping up with family easier as well.  It's nice being able to keep in touch with far-flung relatives.  I especially enjoy seeing pictures of my cousin's children.  It's so much more fun to see them "in action" and being cute than just a once-a-year Christmas card! 

3.  On the flip side, if I don't feel like dealing with people, I don't have to.  Research a car without sales pressure.   Book a vacation without being pressured to upgrade.   Comparison shop without dragging five kids to ten stores.

4.  Internet shopping.  Need I say more?  Folks, if you can't find what you need somewhere online, you probably don't need it.   My favorite site?  Between Subscribe and Save (I mean seriously - you can have everything from diapers to dish soap to dill magically appear on your doorstep every month!) and Prime shipping, probably 80% of what we use comes from there.  Neal teases me that I don't have to try to make the quarterly earnings all by myself.  We won't discuss our household's Kindle habit. 

5.  The internet has made education so much easier.  Whether it's homeschooling or homework, learning is so much easier - for both the student and the teacher.  We use everything from online programs to printables; without the internet, we'd be looking at each other saying "How are we going to do this?"  Sure, I still learned plenty in the pre-historic, dinosaur-stomping age before the internet, but the internet sure has made things so much easier!

 I could live without the internet.  But I really don't want to.

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