Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Need bigger muscles... (almost Wordless Wednesday)

 Usually our house rule is "You have to be able to carry the pumpkin you pick," but since we were invited to a private farm field and had our car nearby, we suspended the rule when we recently went pumpkin picking.  Damien needed a little help.

 (Daddy came and carried his pumpkin to the car.)

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  1. Looks like our pumpkin picking session, always a blast. Hope you guys had fun

  2. How adorable! I guess our kids luck out, because the pumpkin patch we go to has free wagons to use. The kids AND the pumpkins get a ride! :)

  3. How funny, he is so cute. What a fun time choosing a pumpkin. Thanks for stopping by
    Oh My Heartsie Girl

  4. Looks like he gave it a good try. I bet he will be super excited to decorate that great pumpkin. Thanks for sharing! p.s. he is a little cutey!


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