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Our Summer Reading: Sendak to Steinbeck

From Sendak to Steinbeck: Summer Reading & Lapbooks for Boys Preschool to High School

Four boys with four different reading levels. The youngest is still in the picture book phase (thank goodness he's outgrown the "eat the book" one!), and the oldest is a new homeschooler and starting 10th grade in the next week.  While we are reading lots of books "for fun," I've chosen a few to do lapbook projects with the bigger boys -- Damien gets a pass this summer!  The boys like lapbooks because they are creative and don't seem so boring. I love them because it's a way to make sure they actually have read the content of the book, and haven't just skimmed the pages to be able to say "I'm done."  Some go along with the book itself (especially for Jude), and others are about that same era.

Our picks for the summer (all images from

Damien (PK3, book only) and Jude (Grade 1):

sendak summer reading

Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are 

lapbook: HS Highlights: Where the Wild Things Are

Tomie dePaola summer reading 

Tomie dePaola, Strega Nona

lapbook: Hands of a Child: Strega Nona

Potter summer reading for PreK 

Beatrix Potter, The Tales of Peter Rabbit

lapbook: Hands of a Child: Tale of Peter Rabbit

Curious George summer reading for PK and 1st grade 

H.A. Rey, Curious George Rides a Bike

lapbook: Hands of a Child: Curious George Rides a Bike

Matthew (Grade 7): 

Susan K. Marlow, Badge of Honor

lapbook: Hands of a Child: The California Gold Rush 

Wilson Rawls, Where the Red Fern Grows

lapbook ideas: Diary of 1: Where the Red Fern Grows


James M. McPherson, Abraham Lincoln 

lapbook: Creative Learning Connection: Abraham Lincoln

Esther Forbes, Johnny Tremain

Matthew was given a study guide to complete over the summer.  We probably will not do a lapbook for this one, as the assignment is to be on either looseleaf or typed. 

Luke (Grade 10):

 Charles River Editors, Francisco Pizarro & The Inca: The Culture and Conquest of the Inca Empire

lapbook:  Hands of a Child: Mayas, Aztecs and Incas Curriculum

The Log Of Christopher Columbus' First Voyage To America In The Year 1492

Christopher Columbus, The Log of Christopher Columbus' First Voyage to America in the Year 1492

lapbook: Homeschool in the Woods New World Explorers

Elizabeth George Spear, The Sign of the Beaver

lapbook: Homeschool in the Woods Colonial Life

Steinbeck  summer reading middle/high school

Life in a Break Down

John Steinbeck, The Pearl

notebook: Moving Beyond the Page: The Pearl

Update:  Check out what Celia is reading this summer here at Celia the Bookworm!

Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog Cruise summer reading for boys

What are you reading this summer?

Click on the image to find out what families of boys are planning.

Life in a Break Down

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  1. You have some interesting sounding books on this list. The Christopher Columbus book sounds especially interesting.


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