Monday, June 10, 2013

Goal Planning Monday - June 10

I got away from writing out my goals each week. It seemed just as easy to keep a running tally in my head. Not anymore. I think my head is about to explode, especially as I get closer to needing to get Jude and Damien and now Luke organized for the next year to start. Luke would like to take a few days to chill and then start right in on next year, so that he can either work part time (he'd ideally like to have 4 day weekends each week) and/or be finished his sophomore year by Christmas.  Guess mom better hop-to!

This week's goals:

1. Find some way to be organized on paper.  I need to find (or create) some type of spreadsheet for lesson planning, assignments, and resources.  I want to have something I can print and put in a binder so Luke can work fairly independently.

 2.  Figure out what courses Luke wants/needs beyond the cores, and get curriculum chosen for Luke.   He wants to do US history this year, and we have plans to tie it in with literature and writing.  Now to just get it organized.  He'd also like to do a lapbooking type of program, so I'm currently scouting those out to see what I can find.  I have a feeling we will be doing a bunch of DIYing since most lapbooks are meant for younger students.  Either we will use them as a springboard (I have my eye on the Time Travelers Series from Homeschool in the Woods) or as targeted studies (these from Homeschool Helper Online look like they may have potential).  I do have some ideas for his other courses as well, but one class at a time.

3.  Figure out a timetable for courses.  I don't think we need to start *all* of them immediately, but waiting to start math until October means he will be hard-pressed to finish by the holidays.  The other option is to look at sophomore and junior years as more of a single unit, and rather than trying to have "all" of a year done by a specific time, consider setting goals for individual subjects.  (I'm in no rush for him to race through, but he'd like to get as much done as he can this year so he can start in with dual credit courses at the local college next year when he turns 16.)

4.  Reorganize my blog notes.  I had a decent system going, but then I got away from it, and I feel like I'm constantly playing catch up.  I also need to plan out topics to write so I'm not feeling so "last minute" - like having the review I need to write that's due in a couple of days gnawing at me. 

5.  Sort of Jude's work from the past year and assemble a portfolio to take with us to show his developmental specialist next week.

6.  Plan out Jude's studies for next year, at least to where if I need to order something for Luke, I can see if I need something that can come on the same shipping charge.

7.  Get Luke's transcript from his current school, and get it scanned into the computer.  Also write letters of intent to send to our local district for Jude and Luke.

8.  Plan out some day/field trips for the summer for all the kids.

9.  Clean out my laptop of any downloaded samples I no longer need, copies of pictures that are on the external hard drive, etc. and free up some memory so I can download curriculum.   Discuss pros and cons of getting my own backup drive just for curriculum with Neal and determine if it's worth a separate drive or just using our main household one.

10.  Reflect on this school year, and enjoy the last few days before starting over.  We've come pretty far on this road, and not without bumps.  As much as I need to get in gear for the future, I need to remember to live in the moment too. 

That seems ambitious enough for one week, right?  What are you planning to do this week? Join us in holding yourself accountable over at Debbie's Digest.

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  1. Welcome back. I know what you mean about your head exploding. Writing out your goals does help. I get a lot more done when I write my goals on my blog, write them on paper, and CHECK them DAILY! It is do easy to forget what we had planned to do when life gets busy or stressful with the everyday challenges. I hope you had a successful week. Sorry it took me so long to come comment. It has been a crazy week at my house. I hope to see you again tomorrow to see how you did with your goals the past week. God bless.


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