Friday, May 24, 2013

Random Five on Friday - May 24

It's Friday!!  AND a holiday weekend -- three days off!! 

1.  Jude is slowly transitioning to First Grader.  He's been working on a first grade Math book for about a month now, and this week moved up to a Secondary Primer notebook for writing.  There are 14 school days left in the big kids' school year.  I feel like we just started.

Jude, almost first grader!

2.   We had our dryer duct cleaned out today.   When the guys blew out the bottom of the line, it looked like it was snowing! But now my dryer actually dries...imagine that!

3.  I am in love with our new juicer, and the possibilities.  So far, I've only juiced strawberries and apples for Celia and Damien, but I'm looking forward to maybe doing some tomato juice (to turn into tomato soup) and carrot/veggie juice to add to pump up spaghetti sauce.

our new juicer

4.   Damien keeps stealing the ripe strawberries from our little patch.  I caught him with the last one in his mouth, and said, "I told you not to take the strawberries!" His answer, around a mouth full of berry, was "What? It was a red one."  At least he knows his colors?

5.   Jude and I made popcorn this week for a combo phonics-spelling-science-crafts project.  He declared it the best lesson ever.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

The Pebble Pond

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