Friday, May 10, 2013

Random Five on Friday - May 10

 It's FRIDAY!!  Woo hoo!  My random five thoughts for the week:

Neal and Meg 2012

1.  Neal and I will be a couple for 18 years tomorrow -- our first date was May 11, 1995.  Coincidentally, that same date was my grandparent's wedding anniversary (which means tomorrow would have been their 57th anniversary).  This picture is from last spring - Luke took it of us while on his class trip to New York City.

2.  On Thursday, the weather was so gorgeous that I walked to pick Matthew up from school, and then walked home with him.  I learned the hard way that "road miles" are not the same as "treadmill miles."  On the flip side, that was the first day since I got my pedometer that I hit 10,000 steps. 

3.  We are on our way to having running water in our schoolroom!  We moved everything into our basement because the books and gear were taking over the upstairs.  I miss having a convenient sink to clean up paint (we used the kitchen before the move) so we're going to put in a sink and counter down in the schoolroom.

4.  There was much rejoicing in our house on Thursday.  Jude found the Blue Shark Zord head that had gone missing last week.  I'm not sure where it was hiding, but thankfully it is now living in the Power Ranger bin again.

5.   Speaking of class trips, today was Celia's class trip.   We went to the Cape May Park & Zoo.  Two playgrounds and a zoo, and she was climbing the trees.  She was excited because she never climbed that high before - the tree she usually climbs (in our backyard) doesn't have as many sturdy low branches.

Celia Cape May Zoo trip in the trees

What happened in your life this week?

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  1. So glad you found that missing Power Ranger piece. I know the torture that comes from missing a crucial piece! ;-)

  2. Celia looks so grown up in these pictures! Cutie! :-)

  3. Cute pictures! I loved reading your Random 5!


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