Friday, May 3, 2013

Random 5 - Friday, May 3rd

strawberry plants

 1.  Strawberry season has begun.  Three local farm markets have advertised on Facebook that today they will start having their own strawberries for sale.  I'll have to stop and get some, since ours are still green.

2.  I couldn't bear the thought of the treadmill yesterday - it was just too gorgeous out!  Luke babysat for an hour while Neal and I went for a walk.  It was nice grownup time -- and my pedometer says we did a 2 mile loop.

3.  We're on the hunt for Jude's blue Shark Zord head.  I know it's here somewhere.  In the meantime, I've pulled a Power Ranger Disc, two Power Ranger cards, Lightning McQueen and a spatula out of the bottom of my couch.

4.   Jude learning about Earth and the hydropshere.  We read it was the layer of Earth where water on earth can be found.  He said, "And Hydroman too?"  Um...

meeting allison

5.  I made a "new" friend this past weekend.  Allison and I have lived in each others' computers for 8+ years, and finally got to meet "for real coffee" this past weekend instead of our usual virtual kaffeklatch.  She's an awesome Mama, and a blogger too - she is the Chief Rambler at Mommy Rambles...go be her friend, too!  

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  1. Our strawberries are still green, too, even though we've had an extremely mild winter!

  2. Strawberries already? Sounds good, better start checking the places around here.


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