Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You're a Catch, Valentine!

The task: an arts-and-crafts project that went with the fish we were reading about.  Pinterest wasn't helping me -- we already had done three others, and the rest that I could find are really all variants on it, or coloring pages.

What I did have were some Valentine's pins, and I melded them into this project.  One was the phrase - that was attached to a bag of cheese flavored fish crackers.  The fish themselves were part of a mix of animal bodies that could be fashioned out of hearts.  We had some craft foam shapes from another project, so I pulled them out for today.  (Mostly I'm impressed I found them in the second place I looked for them!)  While Jude worked on his math, I sorted out some of the hearts.

We glued the hearts edge to edge to make fish.  Jude preferred blue paper (his favorite color AND the color of the ocean), while Damien opted for the pink sheet that was at the top of the pile.

Just a dot, not a lot!

Little hands working

 I wrote the phrase, "You're a great catch!" on Damien's paper.  Jude used Damien's as the master to copy onto his paper. 

copy neatly

 I had to include this one.  
Matthew was taking pictures for me, 
and Damien looked up when he saw the flash fire.  
Don't you just want to eat him up like a box of Valentine chocolates?

Valentine's Day - You're a a Great Catch
 Happy Valentine's Day!

We love our friends!!

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