Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Bare

Five Minute Friday is a blog meme where a writer sets a timer for five minutes, and starts writing.  Timer done? Post done.

 This week's theme: Bare.  Go.

Bare.  The fridge.  Right before a storm, of course.  We never run out of things and need to shop on a bright, sunny day.  It's always just before a storm hits.

After Damien's weekly visit with Jaime, his feeding therapist, we made a trip to Whole Foods.  We needed "allergy" food - gluten free bread, alternative milks, and Jude's beloved "slimy cheese." I have no idea why he calls it that. It's not slimy at all.  But hey, as long as he eats it, I don't care what he calls it. (For the record, it's Daiya.)

Today's school lessons became rolled into Home Ec.

Phys Ed -- Jude, YOU bend over and get the cartons of hemp milk from the shelf by the floor.  You're shorter than me, anyway. 

And let's throw in Math -- I want four hemp milks. And we have four coconut milks in the cart. How much milk do we have?

Phonics -- Jude, you want cookies?  OK.  But you have to tell me the letter of the ones you want. No pointing and me guessing.  Amazingly, he knew the letter B.  (Enjoy Life Foods Double-Chocolate Brownie cookies.)

Science -- the freezer case is cold.  So is the refrigerator case you climbed on to reach the cheese.

Mission accomplished: school done and larder no longer bare.


Thanks to Lisa-Jo for the prompt and hosting!

Five Minute Friday

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