Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hey Mr. Tambourine Man!

Jude liked our Bible lesson on King David.  When we talked about David bringing the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem with a parade, he told me *all* about it.  There was a "marching band, balloons, and Mickey Mouse on a float."

Um....not quite.  But there WERE musicians, so we made an instrument, too.  We made a tambourine! 

paper plate
hole punch
2-3 chenille stems
8-12 5/8" jingle bells

Punch 8-12 holes in the rim of a paper plate.   We punched 10.   Space them mostly evenly, but they don't need to be perfect.

Cut a chenille stem into four pieces.  You'll need one for each hole punched.
Thread the chenille stem through the bell.  It's much easier than it looks -- the fluff easily squishes through the opening.

Thread the end of the stem through the hole in the plate, stopping at the bell. 
Twist the stems to secure the bells to the plate.

Play your tambourine by holding it in one hand and gently tapping it with the other. 
 (Ok, kind of gently.)

 Give praise with tambourines and dance.
 Psalm 150:4

Dancing is better with friends.

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