Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lord, I am listening.

This week, Jude has been studying the First Book of Samuel.

Yesterday, we learned about King Saul, and how he didn't listen to God.  Because Saul didn't listen and wait for Samuel to come make the offering to God, God said Saul couldn't be the king any longer.  Lesson learned: We have to listen and do what we are told, or we lose privileges.  (Modern translation: if you don't listen, Mom takes away the iPad.)


Today, we backtracked a little and read about young Samuel.

We also practiced our listening.  We worked on two work sheets from School Sparks that required Jude to listen attentively and follow directions.  This is one of them.  

We have been working on letters and words in our copy work, but today was our first sentence piece.  (Jude finally knows enough letters to put words larger than "cat" and "pan.")  


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