Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Best Christmas Gift

The best Christmas gift this year was not under the tree. Jude stayed downstairs the entire afternoon and evening, even with 16 other people here. Not only that, he talked and interacted with nearly everyone. Last Christmas, he hid in our bedroom for the entire day. (I even tried to lure him out with food. He asked if people were still here, and when I said they were, he said, "No, thank you," and slammed the door.)  Usually when we have even my mother-in-law to babysit, he hides.

I didn't have high hopes for today. He was adamant that he did not want visitors.  He did not want to have a party.  He wanted to hide in my bedroom. I told him he was allowed to hide, but AFTER he said hello to his grandparents, AND he had to come out and eat when I told him dinner was ready.  He did not have to talk to anyone else, and he could even take his plate to my room. (I figured the lesser evil was having to wash my comforter.)

Maybe it was feeling like he was in charge of things.  Maybe it was that he took his ADHD meds a little later than usual.  Maybe it was just a Christmas Miracle. 

He not only said hello, but even brought out his new toys to show off.

Showing Grammy his airplane
He then stayed in the living room, sometimes playing with his cousins, sometimes retreating to a corner of the couch with an iPad. When it came time to eat, he came out to the kitchen after everyone had passed through the buffet line and sat down to eat (and ate a full plate).

After dessert, Grammy (Meg's mom) passed out gifts from her and Poppy. Jude sat and opened his gift, then chased her and Poppy around the house to give them their gifts. He insisted I help him open his already-unwrapped gift from them (a color-by-tile sticker mosaic project) so he could dive right in.

Helping Grammy open her present

Helping Poppy, too. 


 Jude even ran after his little cousin to give him a present too.

I am amazed. So was everyone else -- it was such a change from his usual behavior.  I opened some wonderful gifts this year, and I am grateful for each of them. But what I know I will remember most is this that year, Jude not only didn't hide, but PARTICIPATED in the festivities of the day.  When I tucked him in tonight, I told him how proud I was of him for not hiding, and that being so good was the best present I got today.  He told me he had a wonderful Christmas.  Me too, kiddo. 

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