Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It's pretty hard to pay attention to your work when every time you turn your head, you can see the snow outside. Especially when it's the first snow of the season!!  We were about due for a break, so we went outside to play.  It turned into an impromptu weather & science lesson on wind and snow while we played.  

Heading into the yard...

I'm impressed with Jude.  He actually played in the snow -- in years past, he hasn't been excited to be outside in the cold and wet.

I know we have boots around here somewhere...but in the interest of getting out while the snow was falling (the original forecast was a rain/snow mix), I decided it was better to just toss the sneakers into the dryer when we were done.

And he's off!

Jude has an obsession with snow angels, but he wasn't interested in making angels today.  He wanted to make lots of footprints.

It's really coming down...big, fat flakes the size of quarters and half dollars!

The boys had a good time pulling themselves up the ramp  with the ropes and then sliding back down it.

 "I made it!"

Attempting to build a snowman.

He squished his hands together a little to hard.

Damien decided to help.

Jude wasn't interested in catching snowflakes, but Damien had a great time.  I couldn't resist sharing this one.

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