Thursday, November 1, 2012

I is for Illustrations

I was recently buying out half the store shopping at Lakeshore Learning (hey...I had a bunch of coupons, what can I say?) and was browsing around.  I found a sight-word journal that I decided would be a great daily exercise.  The journal starts the sentence, and the Jude finishes it.  There are some suggestions at the bottom for answers, too.  Usually, he picks one of the answers at the bottom, but sometimes he picks something from his head.  After filling in the sentence, he then illustrates the answer in the box at the top.  These are some of my favorite drawings.

 No, that's not a faceless head. That's a big neck, with his face squashed into that little circle up on top.

Not just any toast, but ketchup toast. That's right, two slices of bread slathered with ketchup.
 I justify it by saying "Tomato Jelly is a delicacy in some places."

I know he's seen other sports, but with three big sibs as competitive ice skaters, for the longest time, the only places he knew existed (besides home) were the hospital, the grocery store, and the rink.

I like the attention to detail.  Note the Woody (left) and Buzz on the comforter.

I find this interesting.  He hates snow.

Most definitely.  
We could write:
If you take Jude to a playground, he will look for a swing.
If he finds a swing, he will hop on it.  If he sees you have a free hand, he will ask you to push.
If you get suckered into pushing once or twice, he will beg you to push him until your arm is ready to fall off....

Also a surprise. However, ketchup toast was not in the word bank, so then again, maybe not. 

We studied the water cycle about a month ago.  He loved it.  
He tells me all the time how the sun is going to evaporate the water up into the clouds. 

This is one of my favorites. 
Left to right: 
Daddy, Mommy, Luke, Matthew, Celia, Jude, Damien

Notice that he is the only kid smiling.  I asked him why he was the only one happy.  
He told me because he put his show on TV and then hid the remote so nobody could change the channel.
He's such a male!!

I like seeing what others are doing.  Come see with your eye (ok, eyes) over at Ben & Me.

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