Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goal Planning - Thanksgiving week

Happy Monday!!

(If I say it cheerfully enough, I will believe it, right?)

Last week's plans:

1.  Finish this Math Unit. We will be done by tomorrow.  We took an extra day off because Jude slept all day (a 5 minute time out turned into a 5 hour nap!) so we have our section test to take today.  Tomorrow we can do the Unit test, and then pack it up for vacation.  I have a couple of workbooks that I'll take with me - we can do some "fun" and "review" things, and start fresh when we get back.

2.  Lesson Plans.

I have some vague plans sketched out for vacation.  I'll take some math work and our journal, definitely.  I also have some "fun" activity books -- "dot-to-dot", matching, etc. -- so I'll pack those as well.  We may also rely a little more heavily on iPad apps, too.  I really need more "busy" work to keep him occupied while the other kids are doing their assignments. 

I also want to try to organize December's lessons (including Ruth).  Um...I'll do it while we're gone??
I think our first week back will be "pick up where we left off" and then flesh out from there.

3. Inventory our art supplies.  1 out of 3 isn't bad, right? The big boys each had projects for school this week (Luke did a haiku turkey and Matthew a project on the role of Mitosis in cancer) that required more of our stash, so it was a good time to inventory.  We could use more construction paper, some new markers, and lots of blue paint!

Next week:  I have no goals, other than to enjoy vacation!  I will take his books with us, but I think we will probably do some more "accidental" learning -- hanging out in Innoventions at Epcot (lots of science-based activities), identifying signs by what letter they start with, and patience standing in line!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Our hostess did not do a link up but I came looking to see if you did a post this week... and I found it. I think you had a successful week for your goals. Maybe you didn't finish until Wed. but you got things done before your break from Vacation... and got your inventory of supplies done. You may not have actually done your lesson planning but you do have plans for your break and things you plan to do and take with you.

    I hope you have been and continue to have a great break. See you Monday to see how you did. God Bless, Happy Thanksgiving.

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