Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Evening Routine

Our evening routine usually starts around 6:30 or 7:00 at night. Because Jude is up by 6:00 am, he is in bed fairly early.  (We leave for the morning drop off by just past 7 am.)

Most nights start with a bath in the large tube in the Master Bath.  Jude tells people, "We don't have a swimming pool; we have a bathtub!" His sensory issues are totally made worse by the sound and feel of the shower,  so he only gets a bath; he always tries to wheedle a few laps in the big tub rather than the "stupid little regular one" in the main bathroom.

Jude hates jammies. Probably also a sensory thing.  He prefers "karate robes" -- regular bathrobes that, when belted, look like karate gi.  He has two: a blue fleece robe with Buzz Lightyear (a hand-me-down from big brother Matthew), and this beige, hooded, and terrycloth one pictured.  If he could have a blue Buzz robe with a hood, he would never get dressed.

However, he only wears it until he is tucked in; then he shimmies out of it and sleeps in only his underwear.  Even if he falls asleep on the couch and is carried up still dressed, he wakes up in the morning in only his underpants.

Tonight Celia was going to bed at the same time. (We have an abnormally early start tomorrow morning.) She stopped by to say goodnight -- anything to procrastinate!

 First on our checklist is our prayers.
We've been working on the Our Father 
since early August, and he almost has it.

After our prayers, we read an e-book called My Little Pet Dragon.  It is about a little dragon named Ness.  Ness is a very helpful dragon; he does homework, grocery shopping, and makes coffee.  He has a girlfriend named Neka as well.  We have read the story so many times that Jude can use the picture prompts to repeat the story verbatim. 

And after our story, it's time for a quick shadow puppet fight.  Usually Jude's hands win.

After our shadow puppets are tired, it's time for me to leave.  He always reminds me to send Daddy in for two minutes, and then says, "Good night, Mommy my Mother.  Sweet Dreams."  I reply:

"Good night, Joodle-boy my son. Sweet dreams. I love you."

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  1. love the shadow puppets! thanks for linking up with me!

  2. So sweet! I try to wake Davis up with a song. He sings to me each morning, "You and me, me and you, together there is nothing we can't do." Then he makes up other things and we sing them back and forth.

  3. I love the shadow puppet idea! I'm going to try that with Caleb. Thanks for sharing!


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