Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - October 22

It's been a week?  Well, or close to.  It flew by, and I'm not really quite sure where it all went. Yes, I know it's Tuesday, and not Monday, but it's better than Wednesday, right?  Last week just got away from me.


1. Continue working on the Jesse Tree.  Nope.  I realized that next week is Halloween, All Saints' Day, and All Souls' Day.  Instead of the Jesse Tree, I changed gears, and planned out lessons for that.  Back to the Jesse Tree this week.

2.  Work on a new prayer.  Slow progress.  He's working on it.

3. Decide what we're doing for Phonics for the next little while.  Bingo it was! We also played a few rounds one day after the big kids had finished homework, and they dove on the game even faster than he did!  

When I was at Lakeshore Learning Store this weekend, I also picked up a couple of workbooks.  We're doing a little foray into rhyming, and trying to work on some sight words as well.  ETC Book C starts today. 

4. Find some books Jude may have an easier time with.  I think we may have found a few. I went through the basement and found some slightly shorter books.  I also downloaded a couple of short story/literature packets, and have found a few issues of Highlights Magazine that have short (2-3 page max) stories.  

This week's goal:

I just have one - I'd like to extend the school day again. 

 Yes, I'm sure Jude is going to be thrilled!  We are doing well with a "core" program of Bible, Math,  and Phonics, and then we added Journaling a few weeks ago.   Attention wise, he's hanging in there, and doesn't seem overwhelmed by the time things take. This week we are going to add "Calendar time," and I'd like to also add one other (maybe two) daily activities if possible.  Among our potential subjects:

           More art.  One thing it seems sometimes that goes by the wayside is "fun" stuff.  We have had a lot of running,  and in the interest of fitting in the basics, the "fun stuff" goes to the side.  Damien also had an OT visit last week, and one of the suggestions for home therapy was painting - both on the table and on an easel.  And if there is paint out for one kid...you know there is another one who will want to paint.

           Start our "gym" program. (I think Lakeshore may be my new favorite store!)  Another new "toy" I picked up was a circuit program.  I'd like to introduce it in for 1-2 days/week.    

          Do more "interdisciplinary" work.  I have a couple of packet downloads that intermingle literature, phonics, science, etc.  I want to try to add an activity daily that is less "single subject focus" and more of an activity that crosses subjects.  

This week, the goal is to just add one "subject" and see how that works, time-wise.  I'm also trying to see if it may make sense to split things up a little or if I wind up "losing" Jude when we take a break.

Looking to set goals for yourself?  Come blog about them over at Life Unscripted!

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