Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Goal Planning Monday - October 15

Trundling along fairly nicely...yes, I know it's Wednesday.

Update on last week's plan:


1.  Play more games.  Not as much as I'd have liked, but we did play some.  One was a new game of Alphabet Bingo.  He beat me both in straight-line Bingo *and* coverall.  I was impressed by how many of the letters he knew, since naming letters is something he struggles with.


2.  Arts and Crafts. We did do a foam-craft witch, and she is now adorning the side of our fridge.  My husband and I went away for our wedding anniversary last weekend, so he got Friday as a holiday from school. Neal's mom, "Mimie" was in charge of making sure he didn't make too huge of a mess with the paint etc. I left out for him.  

3.  Physical Therapy.I got some great ideas from the kids' therapists on some equipment for them all, so I think I will be putting in a request with Santa's Elves to see if they can fit any of it in the Big Guy's sleigh.  Our outside plans were washed out for this week, though.

4. Prep a Jesse Tree.  Started.  I've decided we're going to do a "real" tree (ok, artificial - the allergies can't handle a real-real one) and hang the ornaments on it (vs. gluing them to a piece of posterboard).  Now I'm hunting for the tree and starting to work on the ornaments.  Pinterest to the rescue again - I think I may set up another board, just for ornament ideas.  I'd like to do something more than just "color in a picture" but depending on what I find, that may well be ambitious enough for us.

This week's goals:

1. Continue working on the Jesse Tree.  My goal is to have it totally mapped out by Halloween, giving me November to work on getting the ornaments & materials organized.

2.  Work on a new prayer.  We will keep working on the Our Father, but since it is the Month of the Rosary, I'd like to teach Jude the Hail Mary.  I've introduced it by praying it with him while I recite and he listens, so now it's time to start "repeating" line by line.

3. Decide what we're doing for Phonics for the next little while.  We have completed books A and B of Explore the Code, and my original plan was to do a week of review and then start Book C on the 22nd.  However, looking at the calendar, that may not be the right time to start new language material, as we are just starting a new Math chapter that week as well.  If I put it off another week (what I'm leaning towards), it means I have to come up with other plans for the week.  We may be playing more Bingo!

4. Find some books Jude may have an easier time with.  I originally had planned to work with the Five in a Row program for him, but he's really struggling with paying attention to the books. First we gave up on the core of the program - read the same book daily for a week - but now I am thinking that we have to shelve the whole program for the moment.  The books in the program are beautifully written and classic, but I think they just "too much" for him - too much information, too much text.  I'm going to go through the list I have for "preschool" books to find a few ideas for him.  Does anybody have a favorite that we might enjoy? 

Better late than never, right? I had everything organized and then life happened.  But feel free to check in with the people who are more on the ball this week and see what they have planned -- you can find them linked up at Goal Planning Monday over at Life: Unscripted


  1. Looks like you had a great week. Progress or completion on all your goals.

    About phonics stuff...
    Have you seen this website?
    Maybe there is something here you can use for Jude, there is certainly a lot of stuff on their site.
    Or maybe one of these games -
    or maybe here...

    For books to read how about:
    Hop on Pop
    Are You My Mother?
    Go, Dog, Go!
    One Fish, Two Fish

    I know we read some other easy readers when my kids were young. Next time I am at the library I will see if I can find them. I looked online at our library record and at but could not find the books.

    Have a great rest of the week and good luck on finding stuff to do for Phonics and books to read with Jude. God Bless.

  2. Hi there,

    I was worried when you didn't link up right away. I was about to come find you! *lol* But I totally understand living life and not linking up right away. I'm trying to write a post for a Thursday meme I like to join! (it's only 3 days late, right?)

    We really liked Starfall on the computer when our kids were little. I was just talking with some friends lately about how there aren't many interesting early reader books out there. Thinking it might be time to do some writing!

    I hope you had a great week and I look forward to see you linking up again next week!

    1. LOL -- I hear you. This week, I have really fallen behind, and am hoping to get my posts written by the end of today. There is one that has been percolating all week, and I keep coming back to it as my topic but I can't seem to get the words from my heart to my fingertips.


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