Thursday, September 6, 2012

If you start talking about food, your kindergartener is going to want to make some!

Originally on today's schedule was the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff.  One of Jude's favorite books her "If You Give a Dog a Donut..." He really enjoys the silliness of the story, so I thought he might enjoy another of the books in the series. However, it turned out to be a food-themed day.

When we opened his math book, the next page was a subtraction page that had bake sale items for visual cues.  There were pictures of cookies, brownies, pie, and cupcakes.  He told me the SQUARE brownies were his favorite, but he liked cookies, too.  (Usually one or the other is his pre-breakfast snack -- when Daddy goes into the kitchen before work, Jude cons him into giving him one of those so he "won't starve to death" waiting for me to come downstairs a few minutes later.)  I think he may be smarter than big brother Luke, who always asks for "Breakfast Dessert."  Jude eats his dessert before the meal...making sure he has room for it before he fills up on silly things like yogurt or cereal.


Next up were letters. I copied down the letters p, s. n, j, h, and d - all letters from Book B of Explore the Code.  We have been working on sounding out letters, and then practicing writing letters into words.  P for pie was easy as...well, you get it.  But then S for snack followed, and then N for napkin, and by the time I got the whole page written, we had a theme going.  Before writing each word, he told me a few sentences about something about the word -- either "Could I have a snack?" or "You use a napkin to wipe your face!"  He shared that likes brownies better than pie, apple and orange juices are his favorite, and he thinks he should skip dinner and just eat dessert. 

On to our next installment of The Lord's Prayer.  We reviewed the first to pictures we colored yesterday, and while his speech was hard to follow, he did recall most of the sections.  Today we moved on to "Give us this day our Daily Bread." I thought that since he was able to recall the first two sections, maybe he'd remember this one, too.  He said, "Give us this day our..." (consults paper) "LUNCH!!"  Points for context decoding, but not quite, kiddo.  We reviewed the text of the prayer, and he got out his favorite blue crayon and went to town.

As he was coloring, the dryer went off and I raced upstairs to move the load of permanent-press uniforms.  By the time I came down, he had colored in the entire picture, cut it out, and glued it to the next page! Proud student!  (And not too shabby cutting all by himself.)

When we were done with our table work, we sat down on the couch, and read our story for the day.  We recently got the Mouse Cookies & More: A Treasury anthology, and it includes several recipes that go with the stories it contains.  One of the recipes was an oatmeal spice cookie. We adapted it to be safe for his allergies, and swapped the raisins for chocolate chunks.

Measuring out the oats.

Spooning the dough onto a cookie sheet.  
I think he has a future as a baker -- he's a mean spoon-scraper!

Taste-test!  Yum!

He already asked if we can read "If You Give a Dog a Donut..." again tomorrow.   And chances are, if we read that story, he's going to want to make a batch of donuts.

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