Monday, September 10, 2012

I thought yoga was supposed to bring peace!

Today is a gorgeous early fall day -- sunny, breezy, big puffy clouds  -- which made it perfect for moving our Monday PT to outside.  Having the ability to run all over the yard is very much appreciated after last week's soupy weather and thunderstorms that kept us inside (humidity like that, pollen, and asthma don't really get along well).  We did our "regular" work as soon as we got home from dropping the big kids off, so we could play outside before having to go pick them up.  After running around and playing for a bit, Jude and I did a little bit of yoga.  He really tried (most of the time) but he's not going to be an advanced student any time soon. 

The hardest part was getting his mind into the poses. I would say "Let's be..." and he'd say "But I'm a BOY, not that!!"  When you have a child who sees things in black and white,  you have to make sure you are very mindful of how you word things.  The phrase "pretend to be" is critical...

 We started with "Let's be trees...ok, let's PRETEND TO BE tall trees."  Officially, this pose is called "Talasana," or "Palm tree pose" but we don't HAVE palm trees in New Jersey.  We are Christmas trees.

Today was a windy day.  Now we are "Waving Palm Christmas Trees."  

Then we were animals:

Cobra, or Ssssssssnake. 

 Flying like an Eagle.
("But Mommy, they're not REAL wings...I'm a people, and people can't fly.") 

Downward Facing Dog.  Woof!

 (Being chased) Cat.  
Even though he HATES cats, and refused to talk like one.  He was willing to try Cat if I was Downward Dog and chased him, and then we could switch.  After his Cat clawed my Downward Dog, we gave up on animals.

Plank.  Sort of -- he was giggling too hard and making pirate noises...
because, you know, Mateys...aargh! Pirates walk the plank!

A modified Triangle Pose. He wanted to know why there isn't a "Circle" pose.

Savasana, or Corpse Pose.  Pretty much how I felt when we were done.  
He wasn't buying "It's Sleepy Boy Napping pose."


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