Tuesday, February 14, 2012

King of Hearts

While we have not been doing any real "themed" days, I did plan to do a really cute craft I had seen on Pinterest.   The original project idea was a Valentine-themed from Spoonful.com. 

Image from Spoonful.com

This adorable crown was perfect for my little "King of Hearts."  I planned ours a little differently, so we could work with materials I had, plus sneak in a little extra learning.
Valentine's day crown

I pre-formed the letters with chenille stems, and penciled his name onto the foam.  He traced the indents with the glue.  We're working on doing things in steps and following directions, so my original plan was to have three sets of hearts that made a pattern, one chenille heart on either side, and white pop poms on the corners. 

However, today he decided he wasn't waiting for me to get ready to do lessons. Normally we start around 8:30 or so, and by 7:45 he was in his seat demanding I come join him, saying "I do my homework NOW...or you're fired!"  I did convince him to wait until I at least had a few sips of coffee in me.

On the table were several pages of worksheets I had printed out for next week, and decided he wanted to do those too, and didn't want to skip any of the work in today's packet because he had done extra work.  He worked so hard that I didn't have the heart to make him do patterns or anything else. I just handed him the glue and said "Go for it!"  We talked a little about Valentine's Day as he worked.  Mostly he thought it was Christmas again, and kept saying, "It's a Happy Holiday Day."

Once the glue was dry, I used a hole punch to...well, punch holes... in each of the corners.  We fastened the strip of foam into a crown by threading a pipe cleaner into the overlapped sections and then twisting.

valentine's heart hat

 Our crown!

Valentine's crown craft

  I tried to take a picture in the dining room, 
but the light from the window kept glaring off of his glasses lenses.  

 So we went in the living room, where the windows are higher.

 Then Jude asked me to take a picture of "all of him," not just his hat.  He started posing...

King of my Heart!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. how totally adorable!! Great model and such a fun craft, great for all levels because it's so easy to personalize! Congrats as well as this little cutie will be featured next week at the Retro Re-pin Party! Hope to see you there :)


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