Sunday, October 1, 2017

Five Minute October: Worship


So we're going to start out with a tough one, I guess, and throw me out of my comfort zone right away.  Ok, clock's ticking.

 I miss Mass.  It's been a while since I've attended on a regular basis...bad Catholic, I know.  When we began our homeschooling journey, it was because we had some serious fallings-out with our parish and the former Bishop, followed quickly by a broken promise by the then-new Bishop.  It was a 1-2 punch that left our family reeling.  One side of me acknowledged the leaders were only human, but the human side of me was broken-hearted and unable to separate what was done on a Tuesday from the voice giving Sunday's sermon.  I was too angry. My faith in God was never shaken, but my faith in my church was shattered.  I suddenly felt unwelcome...resented, even.

Now, I find I miss that routine and the rituals. I need to go back- not because of guilt, but because I think my soul needs it.  I often think returning might help soothe the weariness I feel.  At the least, I think it's time to start looking into seeing what schedules local parishes have and working towards going back.

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