Friday, October 6, 2017

Five Minute October: Story


When I read today's prompt, it prompted an earworm -- the track "If You Knew My Story," from the Broadway musical Bright Star.  This was one of those shows that never seemed to gain traction, despite a great music, book, and cast.  The song is the opening of the show, and the chorus goes:

If you knew my story
My heaven and my hell
If you knew my story
You'd have a good story to tell. 

I love this song because we all have a life story that has two sides -- some times are wonderful, and some times are utterly horrid.   The character in the story hasn't had life go quite the way she planned. However, instead of letting these events take over her life, but she takes what life has given and uses it to define herself on her own terms.

It's easy to let life steamroll us...I know I sure often feel like I've been run over! But I think this is one of my favorite songs because it ends with the verse:
Even though I stumble
Even though I fall
You'll see me crumble
You'll never see me crawl.
I like that idea -- stumbling and falling aren't important. It's getting back up again that makes your story.

PS: If you have the time to watch the concert version of  Bright Star, do.  Composer Steve Martin is a man of surprising talents.

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