Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Five Minute October: Listen


I'm reminded of the time Luke presented his Science Fair project on the physics of paper airplanes.  I'm not entirely unconvinced that the judges didn't award him first place just because he kept talking.  Aspies + favorite activities = you've got a lot to listen to.

Jude has multiple obsessions.  His current one is watching animal shows on YouTube.  Every day he has a new fact for us; tonight's was about a lizard that dives for its food and only lives in the Galapagos Island.  The other day, I was so busy listening to his dissertation on orcas that I forgot to get a grocery cart.  Rather than put out that it took us longer to shop,  he seemed rather pleased that he had distracted me.

I think sometimes it doesn't matter what they're talking about. Kids just want us to listen.

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