Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Resolutions for 2017 #GrouponCoupons #spon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

As the "old year" ends, it's time to take stock and figure out what worked last year, and what you want to change going forward, right?  Groupon Coupons has lots of tools to help you make 2017 your best year ever!

How many of us are saying "I really need to change my (pick a topic) habits."  Losing weight is at the top of many people's list -- mine included, because when the "baby" is nearly done first grade,  I can hear the clock ticking on the statute of limitations of calling it "baby weight." For me, it's not about being "skinny." Sure, there are skinny people in their 40s, but I'm not a "skinny" person.  I'm ok with that.  However, what I would like is to be at a *healthy* weight, and one tool in Groupon's arsenal to help is Medifast.  With a nearly 30-year history of clinically proven success, it's something that has helped thousands of people get to a healthy weight, and can help you too! Portion control is a big part of the program -- because even too much healthy food is still too much food!  I'm especially impressed that they have a number of special diet options.

 Food allergies often make plans worthless -- I think, "By the time I substitute safe foods, I might as well do this myself!"  You should always check with your doc about what is right for you, but since Medifast features programs for people with diabetes, allergies, and six other lifestyles that have medical implications, it is an excellent option for a wide variety of dietary needs!
One thing I plan is to not lose sight of my plan being long term -- it's not about losing weight fast, but getting to a fitness goal.  Of course, I'd like to lose a significant number of pounds, but since reaching that number is not going to happen in a month (or probably even six or twelve!), I've set mini-goals for along the way:

  • lower my 5K running time to under 35 minutes
  • be able to comfortably use dumbells that are more than 5 pounds
  • complete a plank challenge
  • lose 10% of my body weight at a time (studies show that losing just 10% of excess weight can be beneficial, and 20-some pounds sounds a lot less daunting than the 80 or so that would put me in the "normal weight" category)

 It's hard to get out of the "I did well, I'm going have this piece of glossy, shiny chocolate!" mentality, but what about replacing that reward with something else bright and shiny -- like jewelry from Blue Nile?  Groupon makes it affordable as a reward splurge, giving you something tangible to work toward, and then look at and remind you of how hard you have worked.  With beautiful pieces for under $30 with Groupon Coupons, you can add "bling it up" to your resolution list!

Being HEALTHY is at the top of my resolution list.  Do you have any resolutions for 2017?

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