Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Word for 2017: TRY

Our house is filled with Star Wars fans, and Yoda-isms are often invoked.  What's most popular? You've guessed it.

 (I think Nike's "Just do it," follows in the next breath.)

The problem is that when you live in a house with concrete thinkers, there also becomes an "I can't follow through all the way, so why bother?" line of thought.  Sometimes it's a fear of failure, and Yoda becomes a prod, but sometimes it's a logistical issue -- the mindset of "I know I am truly incapable of completing this, so why bother trying to start?"  I find myself even falling into the all-or-nothing camp.

I've chosen themes for the year before -- back in 2014, I wanted to be more proactive and less reactive.  I can't say I was all that successful because life eventually got the better of me and I was back in my "just put out the biggest fire" mode and have stayed there.  2015's theme was "Do a few things well," rather than trying to do it all.  My inner SuperMom still came busting out.  I admit, I didn't even bother for 2016, because while choosing an idea would have made for a good blog post, I really wasn't feeling particularly inspired by anything.

This year, I'm regrouping, with the word TRY.   It means, "To make an attempt at." It doesn't mean "accomplish on the first attempt."  I'm holding Mr. Webster to that definition. On my agenda:

  1.  Try new things - food, activities, ideas.  I am giving myself the grace to say I don't have to love them, and I don't have to stick with things if I don't.  But I'll pull out the Mom-ism that says "How do you know you don't like it if you don't try?" and give things a go.  This year, it's not about giving myself a pep talk, but also encouraging recalcitrant smaller people. Sometimes it's easier to say "Ok, don't bother," because it's easier to give up than encourage over and over.
  2. Try starting things, even if I can't finish right now and have to "try again later."  I probably can't declutter my closet in a day, but I bet I can sift through one shelf while I'm waiting for the bathtub to fill.  Each time I start running, I can try running a full mile, even if I have to slow down and walk the end of it. 
  3. Try to not worry so much about everything being perfect.  Life is a mess, and if things don't go according to plan, then just regroup and try again later.  

This year, rather than having a huge life-changing goal to work on, I'm focusing on improving in the moment.  2017 won't be about making one big change, but 365 little shifts.

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