Thursday, August 11, 2016

When Adventures bring friends together...

 This week, the Adventures with Jude Crew descended on Cristi and family from Through the Calm and Through the Storm.  It's been seven years since I got to visit with my friend Cristi in person.  Our biggest kids are now grown-ups, and our little ones aren't babies anymore.  (The last time I saw her, Damien was still "T-minus six months.") I'm so happy I got to visit with her and her family while on our road trip!

It was a little disconcerting seeing what we would have looked like if we had known each other as kids.

They say true friends are the kind where you can spend years apart and pick up as if you saw each other yesterday.  Cristi is totally that friend!  I hope it's less than seven years until we meet again, but in the meantime, we'll have to settle for our usual rapid-fire, six-conversations-at-once texting.  No matter how far apart our houses are, we're only as far apart as where we left our phones!

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